summer conferences 2012

So what are you doing this summer?

I will be giving a minicourse on ECH at the CAST Summer School and Conference in Budapest from July 9-20, 2012, probably during the first week.  There will also be minicourses by Lenny Ng, Robert Lipshitz, and Kai Cieliebak on different topics, as well as a number of research lectures.

In addition, I just received confirmation that the Workshop on Symplectic Field Theory VI will take place in München from July 23-27, with a pre-course on the weekend of July 21-22.  The main theme of this workshop is ECH, with a lecture series by myself, Dusa McDuff, and Chris Wendl, as well as a number of other talks to be determined.

I’ll try not to talk about the exact same things at the two conferences, so you won’t be too bored if you go to both.  Anyway Budapest will cover a variety of topics, while SFT VI will treat ECH in depth.

I also recently found out that there will be a Workshop and Conference on Holomorphic Curves and Low Dimensional Topology at Stanford from July 30 to August 11.

If you know about other interesting related conferences, please tell us about them in the comments!

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One Response to summer conferences 2012

  1. Michael Hutchings says:

    Actually, now it looks I like will be speaking in the second week of the CAST summer school, not the first.

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