mathjobs for grad school


It just took me half an hour and clicking through about 100 webpages to submit the recommendation letter for one undergraduate student to go to graduate school. This involved logging in and in some cases resetting passwords for 10 similar but different online recommendation sytems, entering the same personal information into each one, answering similar but slightly different silly questions about what percentile the student’s abilities are at in various areas, selecting and uploading the same letter for each of the 10 systems, dealing with the one system that refused to accept my file, trying to figure out why I got an email from Brown that made me submit a letter to Stanford, etc., etc., etc.

Will someone please fix this? I swear it would be much easier to simply print out letters and stuff them into envelopes like in the old days. We need a system like mathjobs for grad school where you submit your letter once and then it gets sent to every school that the student applies to. The schools will just have to agree for a common version of the nonsensical percentile questions.

Now I need to go back and go through all of the above nonsense with several other undergraduate students. Ugh.


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2 Responses to mathjobs for grad school

  1. Chris Wendl says:

    But now I’m curious: why DID you get an e-mail from Brown that made you submit a letter to Stanford?

    • Because Stanford and Brown and one other school that this student applied to are using the same online recommendation system (although I still had to go through a separate process in this system for each of the three schools).

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