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ECH lecture notes posted

The ECH lecture notes are now posted at arXiv:1303.5789. Here is a brief guide to what in these lecture notes is new, i.e. has not appeared in previous papers. (Some of this material was in blog postings last July.) Section 1 … Continue reading

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Update on the short Reeb orbit conjecture

In an earlier post, I stated a conjecture that every contact three-manifold has a Reeb orbit with an upper bound on its symplectic action in terms of the volume of the contact manifold. There hasn’t been much progress on this … Continue reading

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Ellipsoid embedding obstructions without Seiberg-Witten

In a previous post, I asked whether the ECH obstruction to symplectically embedding one ellipsoid into another (which McDuff has shown is sharp) can be proved without using Seiberg-Witten theory.  Since then, I figured out how to do this, at … Continue reading

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Draft of ECH lecture notes

I just posted a draft of my lecture notes on ECH here. I didn’t have time to explain everything that I wanted to, but the manuscript is already 88 pages, so hopefully there is something useful in there. If you … Continue reading

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