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Symplectic folding is sometimes optimal

Reference: [BEYOND] = “Beyond ECH capacities” I have played with a few more calculations using the methods in [BEYOND]. Here is the most interesting thing I have found so far. In [BEYOND, Thm. 1.2], it was shown, among other things, … Continue reading

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Comparison with Ekeland-Hofer

Helmut Hofer asked me how the symplectic embedding obstructions in “Beyond ECH capacities” compare to the obstructions given by Ekeland-Hofer capacities, for symplectic embeddings between ellipsoids and polydisks. I happened to know the answer to this, using something which I … Continue reading

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Beyond ECH capacities

In case the last couple of postings were confusing, I have now posted a preprint explaining the story. Here is the abstract: “ECH (embedded contact homology) capacities give obstructions to symplectically embedding one four-dimensional symplectic manifold with boundary into another. … Continue reading

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