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Strings 2012 public lectures

After the end of SFT VI, I had one extra day in Munich, and I attended two public lectures associated with the Strings 2012 conference. The main conference was at the same time as SFT VI, and also there was … Continue reading

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Munich conclusion

In my last lecture today I explained how to compute the ECH capacities of , where is a convex domain in the first quadrant of the plane, and is its inverse image under the moment map (at least assuming that … Continue reading

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Lecture notes on ECH 12: Comparison with SFT

Someone at the Munich workshop suggested that it would be helpful to have a comparison of ECH versus SFT (Symplectic Field Theory, due to Eliashberg-Givental-Hofer). I think this would make a nice conclusion to an introduction to ECH, ┬ábut there … Continue reading

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Munich update

Sorry I haven’t had a chance to post any more notes in the last three days. Anyway here is what I talked about in Munich: In the second lecture, I discussed the ECH index inequality and the definition of ECH, … Continue reading

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Lecture notes on ECH 11: Cobordism map difficulties

Having defined ECH (modulo some details which I have not yet explained), we would now like to define maps on ECH induced by suitable kinds of symplectic cobordisms. It turns out that there is a serious technical difficulty with this, … Continue reading

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Munich day 1

Today I gave the first of five lectures at the SFT VI workshop in Munich. Thanks to the excellent minicourses over the weekend, I could assume some background about holomorphic curves and Seiberg-Witten theory (and I’ll be able to assume … Continue reading

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Budapest minicourse conclusion

Today was the end of the Budapest minicourse. Basically it covered installments 1-10 of the lecture notes (with a lot of details omitted), plus the application to symplectic embeddings which was outlined in installment 0. The Munich course is supposed … Continue reading

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