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The ECH capacities of a ball union a cylinder

[UPDATE 2: I corrected some small mistakes pointed out by Vinicius. I’ll write a detailed explanation of the index calculation in another post.] Recall that if is a domain in the first quadrant in , then we define the “toric … Continue reading

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Rational SFT using only q variables IV

It is now time to explain how to use the q-variable version of rational SFT to define symplectic capacities and symplectic embedding obstructions. Before getting into details, I should tell you some good news and bad news. The bad news … Continue reading

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Obstructing symplectic embeddings into CP^2 and S^2xS^2

Hello from the CRM in Montreal, where I am at a very nice conference this week. In my talk I attempted (among other things) to present the following theorem. Unfortunately my explanation was not very organized and I said a … Continue reading

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